TicTocTrack GPS Watch

TicTocTrack GPS Watch


TicTocTrack GPS Watch 3G Model

Manufactured by a leader in GPS tracking devices, TicTocTrack has been developed to provide you peace of mind. We understand that you can’t always be there to look after your loved one but with TicTocTrack you can keep an eye of them from afar. The customised web platform allows you to set GEO Fences around safe areas and be alerted should your loved one venture out of those boundaries. The discreet SOS button also allows the wearer to contact you if they are in trouble or need assistance. The watch band is made from soft comfortable rubber, is easy to wear and with plenty of holes if the wearer is a child, you can be confident it will fit snugly and won’t fall off. As the smallest GPS tracking watch in the world it weighs less than 50 grams so you’ll even forget you are wearing it! Best of all it tells the time, because as we know ‘every minute counts.’

Peace of mind

Keep in touch throughout the day. Whether it’s a call to let them know you are running late or just a check to see they arrived at their friends house, TicTocTrack® can give you peace of mind.


Combining GPS satellites with Google Maps, TicTocTrack® updates your child’s location every 5 minutes


Set up safe areas or boundaries and receive SMS notifications when your child enters or leaves them.


Link safe numbers that can call your child’s watch and allow them to call those numbers for 2 way calls.

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How service plans work:

Once you receive your TicTocTrack watch and download the app you will be prompted to add your watch and select a service plan. TicTocTrack offers 2 service plans – a full service TicTocTrack plan on the Telstra network for 19.99/month or a BYO SIM service only plan for $5.99/month.

If you choose the BYO SIM plan we recommend you choose a nano SIM that operates on the Telstra network to ensure the best coverage for your TicTocTrack watch. Scroll down for more details on the two plans or to check the Telstra coverage in your area click here.