Moov Now - Stealth Black - 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach - [New] Run Walk Swim Cycle Workout Cardio Boxing

Moov Stealth Black



MOOV NOW™ - The most advanced fitness wearable coach. Smaller. Lighter. More breathable. with 6 month battery.

Moov Now™ is more than just an activity tracker, its a wearable fitness product that provides real-time feedback with actionable insight into every workout and coaches users to push harder and reach the peak of their performance. Every exercise is a unique experience designed by experts.
Moov Now Features

Technical Specifications

Battery Life Sensors Specs What’s Included Sports Programs (App Support)
Active coaching mode: 100 hours
(30 minutes of exercise per day for 200 days)
9-axis motion sensing system 6 grams Moov core device Run & Walk
Activity tracking: 6 months Gyroscope Diameter: 28 mm Small band Cycling

Battery Type - Coin Battery (CR2032)

Magnetometer PC with UV coating

Coin Battery (CR2032) installed. 

Charge Time - None Waterproof 3 meters Bluetooth 4.0 BLE   7 Minute +
  Display LED feedback     Cardio Boxing
        Activity and Sleep tracking