RING Stickup Cam FAQ

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How to position your Stick Up Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam contains the world's most advanced Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors.

In order to pick up all the motion you want to capture, it helps to understand a bit about how Stick Up Cam's sensors work, and how to position your Stick Up Cam for maximum effectiveness.

Finding Stick Up Cam's Optimal Motion Zone

Your Stick Up Cam's PIR sensors detect heat signatures of moving objects.

The optimal motion zone is right in the middle of your Stick Up Cam's field of view (FOV).

Think of your Stick Up Cam's Optimal Motion Zone as a trip wire for motion alerts. When objects move through this imaginary line, you can be guaranteed they will trip your Stick Up Cam's motion sensors.

Aim your Stick Up Cam so that the Optimal Motion Zone overlays the perimeter of your property, or the area where you first want to be alerted about motion. For example, a visitor coming through the fence into your yard...


Common Errors

A common error is mounting Stick Up Cam too high, and aiming it too low.

Stick Up Cam works great at eye-level, or slightly higher. At 5 to 7 feet from the ground, your Stick Up Cam can cover a wide visual area, as well as capture HD video of visitors' faces.

When Stick Up Cam is mounted too high, it often gets angled sharply downwards. This can work if you're only looking to detect motion in a very small area, but more often than not results in not detecting approaching visitors or capturing the top of heads when the motion sensors are triggered.


Remember that your Stick Up Cam is covered by our Lifetime Theft Protection. If your Stick Up Cam is ever stolen, we'll replace it for free.

Moral of the story: Don't be afraid to mount your Stick Up Cam too low. It will capture clear video of visitors' faces, and cover a wide visual area. You'll be more likely to capture the events you want to know about, and be notified as soon as they happen.

The next step

After finding the ideal position for your Stick Up Cam, the next step is dialing in the perfect motion settings in the Ring app.


How to Customize Battery Settings on Ring Stick Up Cam

You can customize your battery settings in the Live View Settings section of the Ring app.

To access Live View Settings, open up your Device Settings by tapping on your Stick Up Cam on the home screen of the Ring app. Then tap the gear icon on the top right of the page.

Select "Live View" to access Live View Settings.

Near the bottom of the Live View Settings page, you'll see four options for powering up your Stick Up Cam.

These determine how often your Stick Up Cam checks in with Live View; the more often the device checks in, the more battery power it drains.

Battery Power Options for Stick Up Cam

USB Power



If your Stick Up Cam is connected to a USB charger, it will receive a constant stream of power. This option will check in with Live View most frequently, since it won't drain your battery.

Solar Power

Ring Solar Panel gives your Stick Up Cam continuous power, so you'll never have to charge your device. As such, this option will check in frequently with Live View, but not as often as the USB Power option.

To learn more about Ring Solar Panel, click here.

Battery (Optimize Performance)

If you’re running off your Stick Up Cam's internal battery, you have two options. Select the "Optimize Performance" option if you prefer a quicker response for Live View. Keep in mind that this option may drain your battery quicker than the option below.

Battery (Conserve Power)

This option checks in with Live View the least frequently, allowing you to conserve as much battery life as possible. Keep in mind that this may make your Live View connection speed a bit slower.

How to Charge the Battery in Your Ring Stick Up Cam

Your Stick Up Cam features a quick-release mount for easy removal.

Simply detach your Stick Up Cam from its mount, then connect it to any compatible USB charger with the micro USB cable included in your Stick Up Cam packaging or any other micro USB cable you have handy.

It should take about 10 hours to fully charge your Stick Up Cam on a one-amp USB charger, or five hours on a two-amp charger.

Using Ring Solar Panel

Ring Solar Panel connects to your Stick Up Cam to give it non-stop power. When connected to Ring Solar Panel, you won't have to charge your Stick Up Cam.

Simply mount the Solar Panel near your Stick Up Cam, and connect the two devices with the included USB cable.

To learn more about Ring Solar Panel, click here.

Low Battery Alerts

If your Stick Up Cam battery is running low, you'll receive an email telling you to charge the device.

If you have Live View enabled on your Stick Up Cam, you'll also see a message within the Ring app, telling you that Live View is temporarily disabled.

Charge your Stick Up Cam to reactivate Live View.


How to Access Live View for Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam now features Live View, which allows you to watch a live video stream of activity on your property any time you choose.

Live View should already be enabled on your Stick Up Cam, but follow the directions below to learn how to turn the feature on and off.

Turning Live View On and Off

1. In the picture below, the Live View feature is turned off. Tap the gear icon to access Device Settings. From there, you'll be able to access Live View Settings.

2. Select the Live View option. 

3. To enable Live View, tap the toggle and set it to the blue "On" position, then press "Done" at the top right of the settings screen.

For more information about the different options on this screen, click here.

 4. Note that the prompt says "Live View will be enabled after your Stick Up Cam's next motion event."

Tap "Ok," then enable Live View by triggering a motion event on your Stick Up Cam.

If you do not trigger a motion event, you'll see a spinning blue wait symbol, and you will not be able to access Live View.

5. Tap the Live View button to watch a live video stream of activity on your property. Note that there may be a slight delay based on your battery settings.

6. To enable two-way audio between your phone and Stick Up Cam, press "Talk."

7. To end your viewing session, press "End."


Your Ring Stick Up Cam has one white LED light located on the back to show you the status of your Stick Up Cam.  



  Here are the flashing patterns and what they indicate:

Activity Flashing Light Pattern
Setup Mode White pulsing light
Attempting WiFi Connection Fast blink pattern:  short-long, short-long
WiFi Setup Success Light on solid for a few seconds
Firmware Update in Progress Solid light until firmware update completes
Battery Charging 2 short blinks every 2 seconds
Battery Fully Charged Very slow pulsing light
WiFi Setup Error Fast blinking light
Factory Restore Short, rapid flashing burst


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