PowerAll PowerBank JumpStarter

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Genuine PowerAll Power Bank And Jump Starter Kit. Now at indusTEC.
Caution: Powerall imitation are currently sold in Australia on eBAY.
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POWERALL is the first and original Portable Lithium Jump Starter manufactured and sold in the world. It has Patented Technology and Design that makes it 100% safe to use. All lithium battery cells and components used are of the highest grade and UL certified and approved for safety and backed by the industry’s best warranty. The POWERALL is truly built to a standard and not to price. Experience 100% Full Confidence that when you buy a Genuine POWERALL from indusTEC that you are truly buying the best!

For a limited time get a free 5in1 FireKable Paracord Bracelet with every purchase of PowerAll Kit (Except ELEMENT) to keep you safe on your adventures.