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Fugoo Style Jackets

Fugoo Style Jackets

Personalise your Fugoo with these exclusive Style Jackets. Available in 4 Colours. Please note these Jackets are NOT FOR XL Models. This is a Jacket Only so BYO Fugoo :)

  • CharcoalThis classy looking jacket with silver trim may appear laid back and reserved but you'll still be rocking the most rugged speaker under the hood!
  • SandDress your Style for the shore side. This tweed fabric is reminiscent of beach side huts, palm trees, and coconuts. Always take the weather wherever you go.
  • RedThose who select red are aggressive, impulsive and strive for success. The desire to experience the fullness of living leads to constant activity.
  • SilverSleek and stylish, the FUGOO Style jacket is our smallest and lightest weight Bluetooth speaker jacket. The perfect combination of beauty and brains.

Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery of this item.