Fugoo Speaker & Accessories

FUGOO speaker & Accessories now in Australia. 

indusTEC has a proud history of being the first official Fugoo reseller in Australia. Back in 2015, Fugoo was still an unknown brand in the Portable Bluetooth market in Australia. But since its launch by indusTEC, Fugoo has caused quite a stir in the market considering it is competing against giants like Bose, JBL, UE and beating them at their own game. What attracts people to Fugoo is the unique design, amazing sound and the overall functionality as compared to other speakers in the market. indusTEC is the most popular choice for Fugoo since 2015. Fugoo speakers are used by our staff so we know more about Fugoo than your average reseller and that translates into customer service we can be proud of.

For a limited time get a free 5in1 FireKable Paracord Bracelet with every purchase of Fugoo Speaker to keep you safe on your adventures.

Fugoo Brand Ambassador